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September 21 - 28, 2024

Sponsored by TJ’s Lasting Impressions and DJ’s Island



All-inclusive reaches a new level during Bare as You Dare Week.  Everyone--yes everyone--is invited to participate!  All activities and venue events will be open to anyone and everyone.  No one will be excluded from any of our events during this erotic fun-filled week.  Not sure you’re ready to bare all?  No problem.  Bare All Travel provides exciting activities throughout the resort--this is a week where there is something for everyone! 


All of Hedo II’s theme evenings, such as Rock Star; White Night; PJ Night; Jamaican Colors; Fetish Night (just to mention a few) will be even better with the participation of our group!  Additionally, we are planning more exciting events throughout the week, such as daytime pool parties at the nude pool with our DJ, a Pub Crawl tour of local Jamaican bars, a Catamaran booze cruise, and dance-the-night-away pool parties on the main pool deck with our favorite DJ. 


This is the most open-minded group you will find, anywhere, anytime.  Join Jeff, Shawnee, TJ’s Lasting Impressions, and DJ’s Island for Bare as You Dare Week for the vacation of a lifetime!


Whether you just want to relax on the white sandy beach, listening to the ocean and reading a book, or be wild and crazy all week long, Hedo II is the place for you! A week is not always long enough.  If you want to extend your trip before/beyond Bare as You Dare Week, we can arrange for your additional days at the same great price per night. 


For more information call 717-982-7750 or email


To see an example schedule, you can view our 2023 trip's schedule by clicking here.

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